Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Doxil; chemo treatment next week...

...fingers crossed! The Cancer Center wasn't able to secure the Doxil as hoped earlier this week, so mom will get a treatment next week. A week's difference shouldn't make or break her results.

Tomorrow she is going to get her port flushed. It hasn't been accessed in a month, and that can cause hiccups when it comes time for the treatment, so getting that done will keep things going along when it's time for the Doxil.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Treatment this week

Mom had her appointment with Dr. Porubcin this morning and overall the reports were very good. Her CT scan from last week showed that her lymph nodes had reduced in size (compared to the previous scan a couple of months ago) so that was very good news. They didn't do a CA125 count as somehow it didn't get ordered, but we'll get it next time around. It had been going down in the last couple of months so there was no reason to think that it was different. The last count was in the 300 level so that's much better that 6 months ago.

They scheduled chemo for Tuesday afternoon, but then mom called and said that they gave the last bag of Doxil to another person, so they had to order more. We thought the Doxil shortage was taken care of last week but I guess they are still having issues. Hopefully she can get in for a treatment on Thursday, but they will call her as soon as they know. She really doesn't need this hiccup right now since things are going so well.

Dr. Porubcin wants to do two more rounds of Doxil treatments and then another CT scan. If all is well, then maybe she can get a break from the chemo for the winter and see how it goes.

She has been feeling good these last couple of weeks, and her feet have not been that bad either. Red and sore but no blisters.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Test and scan this week

Mom had her blood work done yesterday and she has a CT scan tomorrow morning at Hammond Henry. THE REALLY GOOD NEWS is that the last CA125 count was in the 300's so the Doxil is finally pulling the count down. THE OTHER REALLY GOOD NEWS is that as of today, there is more Doxil for a treatment. Trinity received a shipment in so if Dr. Porubcin schedules a chemo session for next week, mom is good to go. She has her checkup with him on Monday at 9:15 a.m. 

Her feet have been much better this time around. They are still red and a bit raw, but at least there are no blisters.  

Unfortunately, "THE" letter came from Caterpillar the other day stating that mom's prescription drug insurance plan was down to the last $5,000. She will go through that very fast as that will barely cover two weeks worth of the Lovenox. Seriously. 

Mom's Plan B is to go with BlueCross BlueShield Medicare Part D. Actually that is her only option - and she'll hit the donut hole faster than a trip to Walgreens. I'm hoping to get some information from Sherry at Dr. Porubcin's office next week. She mentioned some grant possibilities that help patients through the gap period so at least there are some options to check into. Fingers crossed!