Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second treatment

Mom made it through the second treatment yesterday without a hitch. There wasn't any doubt really, but we will just have to keep watch over how the side effects go since her feet are already blistering and cracking.

The nurse said her CA125 was down to 29 - a HUGE DROP. As excited as mom was to hear that, we both hope that the CA125 stays down through the rest of her treatments. As of now Dr. Porubcin wants her to have at least 7 which will take her through October.

The best part of the day a surprise from Chad. He decided to come to the Quad Cities for a few days, so he and Scotty drove out to Geneseo to pick mom up for chemo. She was surprised and happy to have some time with two out of the three grandsons at least. It is really hard to get all three of them in the same place at the same time now that they are adults, so we will take what we can get.