Thursday, February 12, 2015

Doctor visit

Mom had her scheduled 3 month appointment with Dr. Porubcin today and he said that everything (counts, health, etc.) looks very good. And she is up to 100 pounds! I am more excited about that than anything as she really needs to put on weight. Mom attributes the weight gain to all of the funeral luncheons that the church has been having the last couple of weeks. I don't know why that is humorous to me but it is.

The CA 125 count went up to 16 (it was 8 the last time)... however that is still low and we are used to the number going up and down and up and down. Dr. Porubcin was not too alarmed by it and honestly neither are we. It's the reality of living with cancer.

Mom will have a check up with him in another 3 months. Since she is having a little hiatus from the chemo, she has scheduled cataract surgery for April 6. We went to Eye Surgeons Associates a month ago and they determined that she was a good candidate. She is only having one eye done - the other eye isn't quite that bad... so that one will have to wait and they think that she will be ready to have the other eye done in a couple of years. If that is the only thing that we have to be concerned about over the next couple of years that's fine with me!