Friday, December 4, 2015

Chemo week

Mom made it through chemo on Wednesday. She ended up getting the double dose (taxetere and carboplatin) so she will be down quite a bit this weekend. I think that is all that she is going to get for the month of December. The nurses adjusted her schedule again and I am going to double check the dates.

Yesterday she had the Neulasta shot, which is supposed to boost the white blood cell count. She needs that as her low white cell count is what has been holding her off on chemo the last couple of weeks.

Even after the Thanksgiving holiday she lost another pound! I was surprised. Last week at Thanksgiving (my in-laws Tim and Lisa hosted) she had a big plate of food, plus we sent her home with leftovers. She really needs to keep her weight up. I know it will be hard this weekend after the chemo treatment - she is able to keep food down but still feels nausea quite a bit and I've heard her say many times "nothing tastes good."

She loves cards so keep the cards coming! Even if you send a Christmas card already, send another one. It's nice to see her mailbox full of card envelopes.