Friday, May 19, 2017

Peoria Race for the Cure 2017

Mom and I went to Peoria last Saturday for the Komen Race for the Cure to walk with cousin Laurie (breast cancer survivor) along with other friends and family members. It was a beautiful morning! I wore my #SlaySquad shirt in honor of Lindsay and the rest of the Slay Squad team as we will be doing the QC Race for the Cure in June.

If you want to throw a little cash toward the #SlaySquad Team please do so! My friend Diane (Lindsay's mom) wants to raise $5K this year! Go to my page >>

Its been three years since Laurie was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Her prognosis/outlook is good - but she still worries. The fear is still with her. She still talks about that first month when she found her lump and going through pre-diagnosis. The uncertainty and the disbelief that it could really be happening to her.

Mom is doing really well - as you can see from the photo below she has grown a lot of her hair back and is not wearing a wig! She looks great and feels great (aside from general aches and pains etc). She still sees Dr. Porubcin and checks in every few weeks for a port flush and blood work.

Hopefully we will get through 2017 without even thinking about chemo treatments. That would be quite a blessing. Every day is a gift.

Laurie (middle) with friend Kim (left) and Vicki (right). 

Laurie and me.

Mom and me.