Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One more day in the hospital

Mom felt better in the morning and had a big breakfast. Nurses came in and out to take vitals and such. One nurse was good about calling the lab to find out when the results would be back. They thought about 1:30 or so. Quite a few people stopped by to see mom and that made her feel good. One of her good friends who lives across the street (literally) was in every day, along with Jazzercise buddies. The neighbors from Hazelwood came in for a visit... then Aunt Carol came by. It was a busy place. She is a popular woman.

Late in the afternoon she got a phone call from the surgeon who did the fluid removal. He had preliminary test results and there were malignant cells in the fluid. He was going to set up an appointment with an oncologist for Thursday, and then she was to see the surgeon again back in Geneseo after the oncologist appointment. Even though the term cancer was out in the open, we still didn’t know what type.

One of the visitors during the day was the interim pastor from mom's church. He had stopped by in the morning, and then again that afternoon. It was a great comfort to her to have him check back, and he immediately sensed that the news was not good, and had us (me, Aunt Carol and Mom) all in prayer.

The hospital discharged her after dinner and I took her home. She was in good spirits for the most part, and just wanted to find out what needed to be done next. She had an appointment with the oncologist Dr. for 10:15 a.m. on Thursday.

One of her neighbors came by for a visit and I think we ended up talking for an hour.

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