Friday, March 27, 2009

Second thoughts

A day by herself to catch up with herself and digest the last four days of whirlwind information brought on some reservations about the oncologist doctor she saw yesterday and the need to get another oncologist’s opinion. She came to the realization that the oncologist may not be the right fit, and called her physician's nurse for some insight. After much discussion she decided that she wanted to go to another oncologist. She got a referral to another oncologist in the Quads and will have her reports faxed to him first thing Monday morning. The nurse was going to call the office and try to get an appointment for that Monday or anytime next week.

She really didn’t have a good feeling about the visit yesterday... not specifically one thing, but many things gave her little red flags and she wasn’t comfortable with the visit. Everyone said that there was certainly time to get a second opinion, and it may create a little hiccup in the treatment process, but not a lot of harm done. I want her to feel at ease about the care that she is going to get, because I think in the scheme of things that is a big part of the healing process.

There is still the issue of more fluid building up in her abdomen, so getting her into treatment soon would potentially prevent the fluid buildup. It’s not a big deal to drain it, but mom doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable like that again.

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