Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another issue: blood clots

Yesterday mom and I got back to Rock Island about 3:30 ish from Iowa City, and then headed back to Geneseo to get some things done, stop at the store, etc.

About 1/2 hour later the University of Iowa calls me and says that I need to take mom to the emergency room right away because on the last CT scan that was done of her whole chest area (on April 1), there were two blood clots on the right lower lobe and she needed to get some treatment right away. Dr. DeGeest was concerned about the clot breaking loose and would go to her heart or cause a stroke. If he would have gone ahead with the surgery it would have been a bad thing.

So I jump in Jeep and drive to Geneseo to find her because of course she's not home..."I've got some things to do" were her words to me before she left my house.

I found her, neighbor Marion had taken her to the emergency room in Geneseo. The doctors gave her a big shot of a clot-dissolving Lovonox and did another CT scan. The scan confirmed that there were two clots on her right lobe.

She was admitted to the hospital (in Geneseo) and will stay the night, maybe tomorrow as well. We have to consult with U of I again tomorrow to see what to do know since she can't have surgery with the clots.

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