Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second option: surgery then chemo

The second Oncologist visit went very well. Dr. Porubcin, at Trinity in Moline, was very thorough with his reading of the full range of test results. His first theory is that the cancer is ovarian, however there are other areas that the cancer could be attached: stomach, peritoneum and even the small bowel. It’s very puzzling that there is no bulk or mass to deal with. The cancer could be very thin and attached in many places. Some cancers do grow that way.

He recommended surgery first and foremost. First, to determine what type of cancer is in the abdomen; Second to get all/as much of the cancer out as possible. Then, after a recovery period, chemotherapy to specifically treat the cancer.

Mom is in great health and is a good candidate for the surgery. Now would be a good time to use this window of opportunity since the fluid has been drained and chemo has not started. He recommended taking a trip to the University of Iowa to talk to a very well trained surgeon there who specializes in gynecology oncology and treats cancer specifically in a woman’s reproductive system. This cancer will definitely need good surgical hands.

Dr. Porubcin wants another scan of the upper chest area to rule out anything in the lung area.

Mom commented that another gynecologist she had talked to a few days ago said doing surgery first should be the priority. Now that she has heard it twice, that sounds like it could be the answer to treating the cancer.

The office set up an appointment for Iowa City tomorrow 10:00 a.m.

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