Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Tom, Scotty and I went out to Mom’s today for brunch. I made a chicken ring with crescent rolls, some cinnamon rolls and then brought some fruit. Mom had a good appetite. She woke up not feeling a little ill, but by the time we go there, she was feeling OK. We brought Patrick out with us too, and as always, he was his happy self to see Grandma.

After we finished eating I got out the hair clippers and we clipped the rest of mom’s hair off. There was not much there anyway, even in the span of three days, I was shocked to see how much had fallen out. Even as I used the comb to smooth it out, it came out in clumps. I didn’t get close to the scalp because I was afraid of nicking her head, but whatever is left will be out by tomorrow I’m sure.

Scotty wanted his hair cut too, so I cut it off yesterday. I guess he had enough of his unruly mane while he was away at college. I have no idea why his hair is so thick... and it is much thicker than when he was in grade school. I couldn't even get a comb through it, and I had to stop twice to clean out the clippers.

Mom's wig fits very nice and you can’t even tell it’s a wig. The color is perfect – light enough but no gray. It will be interesting to see how much gray will grow back when this is all done.

For Mother's Day I got her a small purple Viola in a teacup planter and then an Isabel Bloom butterfly that was mounted in a frame with the words "Change is beautiful" in the frame along the mat. When I saw it I thought of her, as right now things aren't so beautiful and cancer is down right ugly, but after all is said and done, she will be ready to fly and flit around again just as she is used to doing.

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