Monday, September 28, 2009

Homeward bound!

The nurse took out her IV late yesterday afternoon. Earlier they had given her another bag of magnesium and also had her take some potassium pills because her levels were low again. She wasn't very comfortable when I left. We had only walked two times yesterday, and I was worried about her not getting a good night's sleep.

The good news is that she was nice and perky this a.m. when I arrived, had already been on her first walk of the day and even ordered herself a bowl of Cream of Wheat. The night went well - although she woke up a couple of times, she still had some restful moments. About 20 minutes ago the doctor gave her discharge orders, so when she's ready, we can go home at anytime. Unfortunately she also drank a small cup of prune juice with her breakfast so we may have to wait a little while before she's road-ready. That's fine - there's no agenda for today.

The nurse will be in shortly to talk about instructions, etc., and when she will have to get her staples out. I'm hoping we don't have to drive back to Iowa City to remove her staples and can have them done in Geneseo.

More later...

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