Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More visitors and more progress

We had a lot of visitors yesterday - Mrs. Craig brought her two granddaughters over with some flowers and very glittery home-made get well cards. Connie Paris brought some soup and cookies and stayed for a visit. Mom and I managed to get outside yesterday afternoon to walk up the street about halfway, and saw neighbor Gene working away in his yard.

Neighbor Mike was over bright and early already this morning with the mail, newspaper and to check on mom. He and his wife life in the other have of the condo (it's a duplex side-by-side set up) and they are going out today for a little while (just so we didn't worry about where he was later). He's 86 and sharp as a tack.

Another good night's sleep and mom got up by herself this morning and is able to sit in the recliner and even flip up the foot rest without any assistance. She's been coughing and sneezing a little this morning, which is painful. She really hasn't done any of that since she had surgery, so I've been waiting for it to happen. For those of you who know my mother, she has had a persistent cough ever since I can remember. When I was little that was the only way I could find her in a store - stop and listen for the cough.

Her incision looks good - the bruising is fading and there isn't much oozing. We forgot to clean it the other day when we got home but didn't seem to matter. It's healing good as far as my non-medical eye is concerned. It's a long cut - from the bottom of her rib cage, around her belly button and about to her hip line - 8 inches total. The staples are really secure so I'm sure no amount of sneezing or coughing will displace them. Yesterday she got by on some extra strength Tylenol during the day and saved the Percoset (sp?) for the night-time which makes her tired. If we can keep her awake enough during the day then I think that is better for her night-time rest.

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  1. Glad to hear things appear to be improving.

    All the best to your mom.