Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy week

Mom has been a busy little bee the last couple of days. She decided to drive to the grocery store on Tuesday to get a few things (which I told her to let the people help her out to the car and then get help when she got home) and did that fine on her own. Yesterday she went to Creative Club with her friends (its a class in the Quad Cities) and then they all went out for lunch after that - she was tuckered out by the end of the day and really wasn't feeling well. She felt better this morning after a good night's rest. Aunt Carol and Gayle came up for a visit today and brought her lunch and CAKE (thanks!) and then mom and I took off for the First United Methodist Church Annual Harvest Dinner.

Mom is very involved with this dinner each year but today she decided not to help out as in the past. I picked her up after work and we got there at about 5:15 which was good timing. We beat the rush and got a good pie selection before the slices were too picked over. You wouldn't believe how important that is :) when going to these church dinners.

Everyone was very happy to see her and came over to the table to say hello and also tell her how good she looked. Even after twenty some-odd years since I've been away there are still some of the same people there. Even the basement looks the same. As many renovations and additions that the church has been through, it is kind of neat that the basement hasn't changed.

Tomorrow and especially over the weekend she needs to take it easy because she has a chemo treatment on Tuesday, and I'm curious as to how tired she will be next weekend. After surgery, I don't expect her to bounce back after this treatment as fast as she has before.

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  1. Even I had them load my groceries in the car last time. I have never had that done before...