Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Iowa City follow up

Mom's appointment with Dr. DeGeest went well today. He was very happy with how her incision healed and had a resident take out the staples and put some "steri-strip" tape on the area. He thought that maybe she could start driving a little next week (not far, to church and back mainly) but no heavy lifting and such for the next four weeks.

He went over the biopsy reports again and was confident that they removed most of the "carcinoma" (doctor-word for cancer) except for that small area where her uterus used to rest. That small amount of cancer can be eliminated with more chemo and he suggests at least three treatments but no more than that. All of the lymph nodes came back cancer free except for one lymph node in the omentum area, but they removed it so there should be no threat of the cancer traveling through the lymph nodes. One of the tumors on one of her ovaries was about 1/2 a centimeter wide. I don't know how they missed that with the naked eye but I'm not going to criticize because he was very thorough and meticulous.

Tomorrow she goes to see Dr. Porubcin for blood work and to talk about a chemo schedule. She probably won't be able to start until mid-November as Dr. DeGeest wants her to wait about 4 more weeks to recover from the surgery.

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