Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving

Work has kept me very busy for the last couple of weeks!

Mom has been feeling well for the most part, other than the aches and pains... and of course her COUGH that kicked in at the start of the colder weather. Her stomach muscles are very sore and she really strained one the other week.

It's hard to believe that next Wednesday is the last chemo treatment. The last 9 months have been so long and exhausting for mom... the fact that there is a light at the tunnel gives us a lot to be thankful for. Everyone (my friends, her friends, family) has been very supportive and there are never enough thanks in the world to give. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving Holiday!

Windows 7: I wanted simpler, now it's simpler. I'm a rock star.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Next to last chemo

Mom's check up went fine yesterday. They didn't have a CA 125 count available and will maybe have that back in the next couple of days. She saw Dr. Specter, who is Dr. Porubcin's partner/associate/doctor in the same practice. The only thing she really complained about was the tingling in her feet and lower jaw (called neuropathy or something similar) and that is a side effect of the chemo. It comes and goes.

Mom pulled a muscle in her abdomen from coughing so much the other week, so she is a little sore in the torso.

Today is the next-to-last chemo treatment, and Mom is looking forward to the last one already. The nurses got to her port right away with no complications, so the morning is off to a good start. She is a little restless from the benedryl, but otherwise comfortable. They are slowing the drip a little today so we should be here for awhile.

Mom had a good weekend and was able to enjoy my niece Kayte's baby shower on Sunday. She won the Nursery Rhyme game which Anna painstakingly wrote out 24 questions about Mother Goose nursery rhymes that my brain couldn't cough up an answer to. Mom knew them all and then had a "rhyme down" with a couple of the other great-grandmothers in the room. The prize: a book of Mother Goose rhymes. I told her to save it for her first great-grandchild.