Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More chemotherapy

Mom had another blood count done last week and unfortunately the CA125 count went up again to 1900. Dr. Porubcin was disheartened by the high number, but advised that the best thing to do was to start chemo again with the drug Topotecan. In some respects this drug is a good option as it has minimal side effects and mom doesn't have to go through the "cocktail" of meds before starting treatment... so no need to take steroids, benedryl, emend, etc. That is at least a good part. The drug (topotecan) should be able to kill the cancer and bring the CA125 number down.

Dr. Porubcin ordered another scan of her midsection and she will have that done Friday morning. They may be able to detect where (or if) the cancer is collecting somewhere. The last scan she had in July didn't show anything because the number was so low, however this time may be different.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that the cancer is growing.

She starts treatment next Monday, and will have it weekly for three weeks. Then she will have the fourth week off, and then start the cycle again... so three weeks chemo, one week off... etc. for four months at least. The treatments only take an hour.

Dr. Porubcin told her to stop the Tamoxifen too.

We talked a little bit about the Cancer Research project in Iowa City. The project is using the carboplatin and taxol, along with Avastin, for the treatments. Dr. Porubcin felt that regimen was a little harsh and didn't think that mom was up for that and making all of the trips to Iowa City. I agree in a way and want to try the Topotecan route right now. At least we can act on that pretty quickly and get her in for treatments next week.

No one thought that her cancer would come back so quickly - but then if cancer was so predictable then more cures would be available. The only thing she can do is stay one step ahead and with all of this attention from Iowa City doctors and Trinity doctors and nurses, she's in good hands.

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