Thursday, October 7, 2010

One more day

Dr. Mullin came in at about noon to talk about his conversation with Dr. Porubcin. They both felt that the best course of action is to increase the daily dose of Lovenox to 70 ml as mom continues with the chemo treatments. Dr. Porubcin didn't think that mom's port in her chest had anything to do with the blood clotting.

Dr. Mullin couldn't say what caused the episode/reaction of what was making all of her blood vessels in her head dilate, other than maybe a clot did get loose and cause some problems - but the good thing is that it resolved itself. Just as clots clot; sometimes clots dissipate themselves too.

Believe it or not, one of mom's best friends, Nancy Craig, had her knee replaced yesterday and is staying in a room right down the hall. Mom has been down there a couple of times to check on her and say hello.

So mom will be able to go home tomorrow. I think it's best she stay another night as well. Just because she doesn't feel as bad as yesterday doesn't mean that nothing else will happen. There's still the issue of the small fluid buildup in her abdomen, the doctors aren't sure what is causing it (other than the cancer). Hopefully with the new round of chemo, the cancer cells will be killed off, and the fluid will subside. I guess we will know that in a couple of weeks after some more treatments are out of the way.

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