Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week off of chemo

In lieu of a week off of chemo, mom has to make a trip to Iowa City on Thursday for a check-in/check-up. As routine as these visits are, I will be interested in their take about what is going on (starting treatments w/ Topetecan, fluid buildup in abdomen) and have a list of questions to REMEMBER to ask if they don't cover it otherwise. Mom had blood work done yesterday so I don't know if we will have those counts by Thursday but it would be nice if the counts were available at that time.

She felt ok over the weekend... a little tired, and out of breath at times. Scotty went out and helped her Saturday with some yardwork. Give him an axe and he'll cut anything down to size. And he enjoys spending time with his grandma. I think he is still digesting all of this "cancer stuff." 

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