Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chemo day

Mom had a pretty good day Monday, although she is still feeling some pressure in her ears. This morning before chemo the pressure wasn't there, but soon after (about 15 minutes into it) she started getting that sensation in her ears again.

One of the nurses, Carrie, said that she would speak to Dr. Spector (the other oncologist in the practice... Dr. Porubcin is out until Thursday) to see if there should be some other tests to run or a way to pinpoint the cause.

Now that mom has the IVC filter in place, I think her stroke concerns are alleviated a bit, however there is still something that is bothering her about the pressure in her ears.

I've searched a few cancer discussion boards about the side effects of Topotecan and ear/sinus pressure and other cancer patients who have been through Topo and there was only one response that said that the person had terrible sinus pressure and had to sleep upright until the treatments are over. Mom is keeping her head elevated at night so that is going for her, but not working in the morning when it seems like the pressure strikes.

I forgot to ask about a CA125 count. There are so many things on my list and cross off and re-circled again that I need to make a new sheet.

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