Monday, June 20, 2011

Chemo and Iron

Mom had her chemo on Thursday (Doxil) and that went well. On Saturday we went to the Geneseo Arts and Crafts in the Park to check out her Jazzercise club and then see what we could buy that we really didn't need. I ended up with a bag of rocks andmom bought some kettle corn popcorn for the boys. It was a great morning and we saw a lot of people out and about. That's the best part of a hometown - going back and seeing familiar faces. Everyone there was happy to see mom (photo of mom and Connie Paris) and gave tons of hugs and "you are on the prayer list" comments. It makes me feel at ease that she is in good hands as I can't be out there all the time. We ran into neighbor Marion and had lunch at the Congregational Church under a tent.

The morning wasn't complete without razzing the two gentleman on the bench, Lynn and Ed. They made themselves pretty comfortable while their wives Jazzercised in the
heat up under the Bandshell. They may still be sitting there - we left them in that spot as they were content to sit while everyone went off to look at the arts and crafts booths.

Today mom had her first Iron infusion. I forget what they call it (some technical term) but she took it well and she even drove herself to and from Trinity. The nurses gave her some meds before (benedryl, prevacid) to curb reactions but she said she felt fine. It took a little over three hours all said and done. It was a little longer than I expected but with the first one they didn't want to rush. She has another one the week after next.

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