Friday, January 20, 2012

January lunch at Good's

Monday mom and I headed to Good's in Kewanee for lunch with Carol, Peggy, Rosemary, Steve, Laurie and Virgil. It was a good day to travel and the waitstaff there at the Good's restaurant is getting pretty used to seeing the group each month.

Mom had (or tried) a port flush Tuesday morning. The nurses didn't have much success in getting it to work as there is some fiberous material still clogging the area. So they put some chemicals in there to break it up or keep it from getting worse. Not a big concern right now as she isn't in any chemo treatment but eventually they will have to clear it out somehow.

We are leaving for AZ next Thursday, LATE, flying out on Allegiant from the Moline airport. The snow forecast looks ok so hopefully the weather will be nice and clear. Looking forward to some warmer weather!

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  1. I just finished reading most of the posts and am glad to hear that Barbara has so much love and support. I hope you enjoy the warmer Arizona weather.
    I am a 3 year ovarian cancer survivor and I also have a blog:, which is where i try to offer inspiration, information, and support to women. I will be interested in following Barbara's blog. We all need each other. God bless you.