Thursday, October 18, 2012

A quiet autumn!

Mom had a lot to celebrate last month - her 74th birthday and a chemo free summer. Tom and I took mom out for dinner at O'Melias in Rock Island on her birthday and then she and I went to Good's the following weekend to have lunch with the sisters.

Overall she has been feeling good. She had a bone density test on Tuesday, which came out low. She hasn't been taking anything for her osteoporosis, so maybe Dr. Porubcin will have something for her. The Fossamax is too hard on her stomach, hopefully she can have something easier on her body (in shot form). 

She has her port flush and blood counts next week, and then a Dr. Porubcin visit the week after that. Her counts have been good all summer so hopefully they will stay stable and she won't have to worry about any more chemo in the future.  

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