Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trinity visit

Mom had a scheduled port flush yesterday morning, and as usual the nurses weren't able to get a return after pushing some fluid through. They are able to get the fluid in but just can't get anything to come back out. This is not a huge concern at the moment, but if mom has to start chemo again in the next couple of months, they will need to get the port in working order.

The nurses also took blood to measure the counts. They may call her with some results this week, or may wait until her next visit with Dr. Porubcin which isn't for another couple weeks. I will have to double check on the date of the dr appt. because I sync'ed my phone wrong the other day and lost a lot of information. Typical technology.

Mom is coming over on Christmas Eve so that we can have our usual Christmas Eve dinner with the boys (an now their girlfriends too) and then open gifts. Christmas Day is a pajama and movie day pretty much, which is nice. Looks like we will also have some snow!!!

One movie that mom and I like to watch on Christmas is "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. It brings back good memories of watching the movie with Grandma McCann and the fact White Christmas was one of her last tunes she was able to belt out at the Hillcrest Nursing Home. Looking back, it's really funny to me because Grandma McCann and I would watch that movie in the summertime back when I would visit the farm. Mostly because we both enjoyed the movie, but also because they had a VCR and we felt that it justified watching it just cause we could.

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