Monday, February 4, 2013

Monthly counts

Mom had her monthly blood counts and it looks like the CA125 went up a smidge to 37. The alarms aren't going off just yet - as the number has been hovering around there and even dropped a couple of months ago so Dr. Porubcin's office is going to see where her counts are at in February at the end of the month.

Mom isn't having any symptoms - such as bloating (and some of those other bodily dis-functions that I don't like to describe on the blog) so that is a good sign. If anything, she has learned over the course of this experience is to always pay attention and listen to your body.

And you will hear her say that to everyone - pay attention to the little things that aren't in the realm of "normal" for your body. Sure every once in a while things get out of whack - but if something persists then go get it checked out. Even if it is subtle - go get it checked out.

I have had friends who have had terrible experiences - where their physicians treated them like a crazy hypochondriac, only to find out that they had something seriously wrong after getting a second opinion. My mom was lucky enough to have doctors who listened to her concerns, and I am always thankful for that. It could have been much worse - and here she is five years later, back at morning Jazzercize and feeling good.

We know that there may be some chemo in the future to keep things in check, but that is the way it goes. Once you have cancer, you live with cancer.

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