Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day May 8

Just as good as the month of September (Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month) is now May 8th, World Ovarian Cancer Day. Many organizations blasted out information about Ovarian Cancer today and the disease, symptoms and survivors who have conquered it all. The stories were amazing and my mom belongs right there with all of them.

The statistics are out there, and women are being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer more than ever. Why? I'm still perplexed at how cancer develops, even in the healthiest of individuals. Either something is wrong in the environment or we are doing something bad to our bodies that we don't know about. Of most importance is having an early detection test available. You may know of your risk factors, but having an early detection test can only help prevent it from getting out of control.

The web site has a great outline of key facts beyond being aware of your body and the symptoms. The most important point being: All women are at risk of ovarian cancer. Doesn't matter if your family has a history of cancer or not.

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