Monday, September 16, 2013

75 Years Strong!

We celebrated mom's 75th birthday on Saturday, Sept. 14 in a packed room at Sweet Peas Grille in Geneseo. Even though we were squeezed in for the most part - it was fun to have everyone together. Everyone that has meant so much to mom in these last couple of tough years. She said several times she is blessed and I feel that way too. Everyone (no men though) had their teal toes on too!

My project of the day was to take a picture of everyone with a Happy Birthday banner. I'm going to make a poster (or maybe magnets for her fridge) so that she can have a good memory of that day. There was once upon a time when she felt that she wasn't going to make it to 75 - and now she has proved the universe wrong on so many levels. Go mom!
Two grandsons and a girlfriend! 

Two ovarian cancer survivors! 

Good thing there aren't 75 candles on the cake!

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