Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chemo rescheduled

Mom didn't get her chemo treatment today after all. After meeting with Dr. Porubcin he felt that she needed another week before getting another treatment, so she will go in next Tuesday again.

Her port area is still very tender and putting a needle in would be very uncomfortable. And she has already started getting blisters on her feet (they never really healed after her previous Doxil treatment) and they are very inflamed at times. She can put ice packs on them to cool it down a little, but her feet are already a mess. Cream will also help somewhat. I brought her two new jars of Udderly Smooth so she is set for a couple of weeks at least.

Dr. Porubcin is also going to reduce the Doxil dosage slightly - from 40 ml to 30 ml. He feels that should be a good mix to attack the cancer yet reduce her side effects a little. We won't know until we get into the treatments more, but Dr. P. is concerned that her feet are showing the signs already.

She did get some good news from the lung doctor though - she won't need to see him again as her lungs have healed properly. The spot where the doctor put the chest tube in will be quite sore for a while though. It still bothers her and probably will for the next few weeks.

Mom, Rosemary and Carol having a chat at the wedding.
On a lighter note mom had a busy weekend - we went to a family wedding in Ottawa. My cousin Alaina's son David married his girlfriend of two years (or so give or take I think) Katie. The wedding ceremony was wonderful and the colors Katie chose were very cool - her "inspiration piece" was the colors of a peacock feather and everything was done in those hues of green, blue, purple with black accent. Great concept.

So we ate a lot of food (mom did put on a few pounds thankfully when she weighed in this morning) and danced (not mom) and then went to Ransom church Sunday morning. It was a fun weekend and mom enjoyed being around family. We had a nice surprise and saw some old neighbors from Hazelwood who were at the wedding - the Sowers. Turns out they are the bride's Aunt and Uncle. Small crazy world. It was fun to see them and mom got a kick out of Bob's usual demeanor to her "What are you doing here?" and "Who invited you?" Of course mom gave it right back to him - that is the way that it goes.

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