Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry holidays

Mom sitting with the choir at the Christmas event.
Tom, Scotty and I went out to First United Methodist to hear the choir last Sunday night. Mom has been back to choir practice for the last couple of months and was able to participate in the Christmas event! It was more than an event really - there was a professional cellist, concert singer, band and two solo rock guitarists, full drum set, baby grand piano...I couldn't think of anything that was missing. The choir director even picked up a set of bongos during one of the songs and he even managed to pull of a couple of solos as well.

Mom came over to our house on Christmas Eve for dinner - Ethan and Scotty were there as well and Tom's mom Anne also joined us. We opened gifts that night and then lounged around on Christmas Day. It was a nice holiday and nice to think about having a good year in 2015.

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