Friday, March 6, 2015

Paying respects

Burnell's funeral procession of Allis Chalmers tractors. Photo
courtesy of Times, Ottawa. Doug Larson photog. 
My mom is from a small rural town in Illinois called Ransom. Last time I noticed the population was around 450 I think. Maybe less. It is the quintessential sleepy farm town. I spent a lot of summers in Ransom as a child...hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa McCann on the farm. I have good memories there and good memories of the people there.

A couple of weeks ago, Ransom lost one of their longstanding town members - Burnell Bergeson. The Bergeson family farm was north of Grandma and Grandpa McCanns farm. Burnell and Grandpa McCann were buds. After Grandpa died, Burnell and Sherry were the best and took care of Grandma and checked in on her a lot.

Once mom heard about Burnell I knew that she had to go to the visitation and funeral. I wanted to go as well because Burnell was one of the kindest people I ever met. Next to my grandpa - he was one of those few people who could talk to anyone at any time. One of my favorite stories of my grandpa was when he got tied up on the phone one evening and grandma could not figure out who he was talking to. About 20 minutes later grandpa hung up the phone and grandma asked "Well who was that Glenn?" My grandpa replied "I don't know it was a wrong number." Burnell was that type of guy too.

I know it was Burnell's funeral, but it was very endearing to me to see everyone so happy to see mom and tell her how good she looked. I think those are the kind of experiences that has seen her through those tough times when she was first diagnosed with cancer. Another testament to the power of prayer and positive thoughts. Ransom will always be mom's hometown and the people there will always be there to greet her with open arms...and that is the best healing remedy of all.

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