Thursday, April 30, 2015

World Awareness Day for Ovarian Cancer - One Voice Closer

This year on Friday, May 8 marks the third anniversary of World Ovarian Cancer Day. It is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about ovarian cancer. On this day, ovarian cancer awareness organizations from across the world work together with a singular focus and message for ovarian cancer and its symptoms.

It's ironic that on the next day, Saturday, May 9, Mom and I will be participating (mom walking/me running) the Race for the Cure in Peoria in support of my cousin Laurie who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and underwent a mastectomy. As I have mentioned before, we have too much cancer in my family.

Thanks to the awareness of breast cancer and the early detection practices, cousin Laurie has a good prognosis and a long life ahead of her. I wish I could say the same for the awareness of Ovarian Cancer. We still have a long way to go in order to get it to the level where women will pay close attention to their bodies and become familiar with the symptoms AND be proactive about those subtle symptoms. That is what awareness is all about.

And we also need to push for a better Ovarian Cancer early detection/screening method, like a pap smear is to detect cervical cancer. I know it can happen and we need to keep encouraging those who are doing the research to KEEP GOING until they can nail down a procedure that works. There are women out there right now who have Ovarian Cancer and don't know it and WON'T know it for months. We can't let them go that long.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Sign the pledge - and share it with others

I like their sound bite - "We are one voice closer to overcoming this disease."

Awareness is still the best defense against ovarian cancer, so add your voice and build one voice for every woman to overcome ovarian cancer.

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