Friday, September 11, 2015

DAY ELEVEN Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Involving Youth

Poster from the volleyball game -FEEL THE TEAL
I am amazed by how our high school aged people are so willing to get involved with causes that matter to someone close to them. Yesterday, the Moline High School Volleyball team invited our Rock Island High School Volleyball team to participate in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by wearing teal to the game. I don't know the full story yet - but my feeling is that the Moline team lost someone close to them to Ovarian Cancer. Her name was Angie.

Never mind that the teams are rivals. Never mind that both teams play for keeps and that it would be a tough battle. The young ladies knew the importance of honoring someone who was lost to cancer - and also spreading awareness about the cancer. Because even though they are young, they need to know that Ovarian Cancer can strike at any time, and knowing the symptoms EARLY is the key to making sure that the disease is caught in time. That is the only assurance that we have right now.

It's never too early to start talking to young adults about watching for the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. Don't discount anyone as being "too young" to talk to about a terrible disease. Many times the younger people are more responsible than we "old" people give them credit for. And I definitely want these volleyball teams to continue the tradition every year in September. What a great thing to do in memory of Angie.

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