Thursday, September 1, 2016

Teal toes ON for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month

The month of September is special to me for two reasons: My mom's birthday is this month and it is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness month

My mom, Barbara, has been battling Ovarian Cancer for 7 years and it has been a battle... but she is a strong girl and she is a constant source of hope and inspiration to me. 

Every year I paint my toes teal on honor of mom and Ovarian Cancer Awareness month- so if you are so inclined - get your teal toes on for September!  

One more reason this month is special - I have joined the Illinois Team Teal and am running the Quad Cities Half Marathon on September 25 to raise money for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) 

The rest of my Illinois Team Teal teammates are running the Chicago Half Marathon that same day - but as I already committed to the QCM they said it was ok to do the same thing here in the Quad Cities and build awareness in my immediate community. 

I've committed to raising $500 for the NOCC this month and I hope that I can get it there. Every bit helps. 

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