Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dr. check-in and the holidays!

Mom and Great (great great) niece Emma.
Mom had her three month visit with Dr. Porubcin on Tuesday and her blood counts were stellar! Her CA125 dropped down to 5 - I can't remember when it has been that low before. Mom is feeling good and not having any other symptoms. Her arthritis is bothering her (as it does in the cold weather) and she is going to get her hip checked out as she has not had a scan in that area for awhile. Nothing of a large concern. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday - it was our turn to host this year - and there were plenty of little ones to go around so mom had her fill of snuggles.

We are counting our blessings - as good as a year as it has been for mom, it has not been a good year for others. One of my best friends, Diane's, daughter (Lindsay) was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer (inflammatory breast cancer) in March of this year. It has been heartbreaking to watch all of the measures that Lindsay has been going through in these few short months: chemo, surgery, radiation, etc. Her outlook is dismal, but Lindsay's attitude doesn't fade.   You can read about Lindsay's journey on her GoFundMe site.

These are the times when we are thankful for the simple things.... like just getting up in the morning and staying healthy. For me, it is being able to run a few miles without any real effort. We are blessed!

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