Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good scope

The gastroscopy went fine today, and all and all it took about 10 minutes for the surgeon to take a look. They didn’t find anything other than a hiatal (sp?) hernia (not serious) and a small patch of gastritis (irritation in the lining of the stomach; not serious). They also took a small tissue sample and sent it off to the lab for inspection. She should hear something on Monday if they find anything suspect. The surgeon didn’t think there was any concern.

So now that the scope is over, we’re back to ovarian cancer, possibly peritoneal cancer. The surgeon was going to call Dr. Porubcin’s (oncologist) office today to discuss the gastroscopy. From there hopefully mom will get in next week for her first chemotherapy session.

Her INR was up over 3.0 so they want her to back off of the Coumadin again today. They’ll test her INR tomorrow morning, and if it’s down then she can start back on the Coumadin.

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