Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gastroscopy date

Well mom reached an INR of 2.6! I told her to think really hard about a high INR when the nurse was drawing her blood so it must of worked. She’s back down to 5 mg of Coumodin a day and no more Lovonex shots for the time being. Whatever tush she has left was getting pretty sore from the shots, so she's happy to be off the Lovonex.

We didn't go for a consult today as originally planned. Mom was able to arrange to have the Gastroscopy done in Geneseo on Thursday. This a much better option and she is more comfortable having it done at Hammond Henry (and I'm quite comfortable there as well it's a nice hospital). It's a simple procedure, and not a lot of prep work involved... most of the time is just getting her ready for the scope and then bringing her out of anesthesia. Should go just fine.

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