Friday, April 17, 2009

One down...

Slow start to the day. Mom’s port wasn’t cooperating and it took two hours for them to clear it out, so we didn’t get started until about 10:30 a.m. First they gave her a drip of some nausea preventative medicine and some saline. The she got a bag of Benedryl to curb any allergic reaction to the Paxitel. The about 11:15 she got the Paxitel drip. That was the largest one and they let it drip slowly to watch for reactions.

The Benedryl hit her hard. I gave her a neck pillow and a blanket and she was out.

The room hubbub quieted down, earlier there were two chemo “veterans” in who were just chatting it up about whatnot. They both had been through chemo treatments, surgeries and other medical processes. The worst part about the morning was a woman with a nasty (worse than mom’s) cough and SHE WOULDN’T TAKE ANY WATER. Her husband, who is receiving a chemo treatment, is a cute little farmer with a John Deere hat. He’s retired, but he still likes to tinker around outside as much as he can.

The Paxitel finished at about 3:15, and then it was time for the Carbopatin. That only took about ½ an hour to go through the bag. After that was done they kept her on a saline drip for a few minutes. They had that bag going the whole time with the other stuff anyway, but they gave her some extra at the end for hydration purposes.

Then to finish off everything, more nausea pills. We got home at about 4:30 I think. Her treatments are more spread out that we thought they were going to be: One week on; then three weeks off. Her next one is May 6.

All-n-all, the first chemo treatment went fine, very smooth with no reactions or side effects (apparent), but we'll see this weekend what kind of side effects she will have. From what the nurses say, seems like nausea is to be expected.

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