Saturday, April 18, 2009

One more shot

Mom got her Neulasta shot yesterday – each time she has chemo, then the next day she has to go and the Neulasta shot which is a drug that will prompt her bone marrow to produce more white blood cells. It didn’t take that long and we were back home in time for Jeopardy ☺

I talked to her this morning and she was a little nauseated but not too bad. She took her last of the $300 nausea pills (they were $100 each) ((she has a good co-pay w/insurance )) so she's hoping the nausea won't hit her too hard this weekend. She said that cancer treatment has really come a long way over the last 20 years... her good friend Jan, who passed away when I was a freshman in college, had a terrible time with the side effects of chemo therapy. Mom remembers how hard the nausea was for Jan at the time, and I think she has that in the back of her mind. BUT between all the pills, the bag of medicine during treatment and the steroids, I'm sure the edge has been taken off.

Her hip ached a little, and the nurse said yesterday that the Neulasta would make her bones ache for a day or so, but mom said it wasn’t that bad. Aunt Carol is coming for lunch today and bringing something that I’m sure is compatible with their persnickety digestive systems, so I’ll probably go out and see her tomorrow since it’s supposed to rain pretty much all day. Maybe she’ll feel like getting out or not, we’ll see.

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