Monday, April 6, 2009

One step back

Today was a hard day. Just when mom thinks she is moving in the right direction, things change. Dr. DeGeest (Iowa City Doctor) wants to do a Gastroscopy - examination of the gullet and stomach. The procedure is painless and is usually done under a light sedative as a day-case. There is no risk to her blood clots with this type of sedative, and they will be able to give her something temporarily to counteract the Coumodin.

She goes in for a consultation tomorrow afternoon for the gastroscopy. The office is in Moline near Trinity. Mom wants to see if they can do the procedure in Geneseo.

Dr. Porubcin’s office won’t do the chemotherapy until the gastroscopy procedure is done, so that’s a minor setback. We were hoping to start chemo this week definitely, but now it looks like it won’t happen until next week.

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