Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taking a break

Things are on a even keel at the moment; mom isn’t taking the Coumoudin any more so she’s down to the Lovonex shots. They don’t have to measure the INR level any more either, so hopefully the Lovonex will be enough to dissolve the blood clots. At some point she will have another CT scan to see if the clots are still there. She’s giving herself the Lovonex shots every morning so she doesn’t have to make the hospital visit every day.

Last week Lois and Connie took her to the boutique to check out the wigs. The boutique was able to order her the color and style that she wanted, and it should be in sometime this week… I think they were going to go back over and pick it up. I haven’t seen it but from what mom said it’s pretty tame. So, there won’t be a flaming redhead walking around Geneseo that’s for sure. I thought she should do something different, but then again if it was me, I wouldn’t.

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