Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy week ahead

Mom had a good weekend, especially since the weather was nice. She picked up her wig and had it shaped up a little. She’s been losing quite a bit of hair in the last week so she’s thinking maybe this week is a good time to start wearing it.

Tomorrow she is going to get her lab work done at 9:15 and then meet with Dr. Porubcin after that. There shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary but I guess it’s standard procedure the day before chemotherapy. Wednesday is chemo day, and then Thursday is the Neulasta shot day to kick her white blood cells back in gear. We’re hoping by the weekend the nausea will be on the downward swing so we can plan on having a brunch/lunch on Sunday. Scotty will be home! I’m picking him up sometime on Friday – he’s officially done with his first year of college. Chad is a big Loyola graduate and is going to take a year off and work before graduate school. The LSATs are in the fall, and he is planning on taking the test.

My friend Cara made a couple of small meals for mom this week: good old meat and potatoes. She makes a mean mini-meatloaf and they are perfect for reheating. She is all too familiar with cancer as her mom had breast cancer, not sure how long ago, but went through about the same procedure with the chemo and such. Her mom ended up having a mastectomy, but is now cancer free.

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