Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One week later

The last couple of days have been better... things started out kind of rough since the chemo treatment last Wednesday.

The ache and nausea came on kind of strong last Friday, which was the bad day, but then she was feeling better by Saturday. I didn’t get a chance to go out on Sunday, but Aunt Carol, Gayle and Dave went to visit and take her lunch. I went out last night to take her dinner (Sister in law Lisa made a grilled chicken and roasted potato package) and she was feeling better about eating and such. Since she gained a pound at her last weigh-in we want to keep it going and not lose poundage after chemo.

The tiredness is also taking a toll, she just doesn’t have as much energy as she used to and gets fatigued easily. She was out watering flowers at 7:00 a.m. this morning and that about zapped her (heat wasn’t any help either) so she’s going to stay in for the rest of the day. Yesterday she got some sewing done and also went out for a brief walk at about 8:30 p.m. when the sun was going down and it wasn’t as hot. The walking and exercise helps the aches, but if she does too much, it doesn’t do her any good. There’s a fine line there somewhere.

Even as crappy as she feels, I think the fact that the chemotherapy is working really takes the edge off of her aches and fatigue. Her attitude is also a big part of the equation, which is why I have been reminding her to not dwell on the stressful things because it’s just not worth it. We already learned early on that stress will cause a setback, so the game plan is to stay away from the stress and focus on treatment.

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