Monday, July 6, 2009

Chemo Week

Since we had such good news the last time around, I'm expecting that we will have good news again tomorrow when mom goes to see Dr. Porubcin. Her appointment is at 9:00 for the lab work and then we'll meet with him at 10:00. We'll find out what he's thinking as far as the last chemo treatment in July and then about surgery. The blood clots, although they have been dissolving, are still an issue. Dr. DeGeest, the Iowa City surgeon, has wanted to know about mom's progress as well, so I think we are getting close to surgery.

Last week mom had problems with her hip arthritis flaring up in addition to the general tiredness. Since she is not taking the DayPro for her arthritis on a daily basis, she really notices a difference without the medication. She gets by with taking Tylenol, but it still aches.

She came over yesterday for a cookout so Tom could test out his new fish grilling baskets for the salmon I got at HyVee. It was a nice day to sit outside and we even went for a stroll with Patrick in the park.

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