Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Final Chemo treament

Mom's Dr. appointment went very well yesterday - she now weighs in at a hefty 101 pounds! It's been the hardest thing in the world to not only stop her from losing weight not to mention gain weight. Another good sign is that she had to give me back a pair of pants the other day that wouldn't snap around her belly :)

Her CA 125 level also dropped some more and is now at 14. This is the lowest it has ever been, and that is a sign that the chemo is working and stopping the cancer from growing.

She will go in for a scan in a couple of weeks to determine how much of the cancer has diminished and will talk about the next steps for possible surgery.

Right now she is on her bag of Benedryl and will be ready for her first bag of chemo drug shortly. It's a good feeling that she has made it through these last 6 treatments with relatively good benchmarks in place - other than the side effects - the chemo has worked and I'm sure by the end of the year she will be cancer free!

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