Monday, August 3, 2009

Post chemo week

The weekend went by fairly well. Mom had a couple of down days but overall nothing severe. The aches and pains more than anything else. Last time her hip was bothering her, this time it's her arm. I guess the blood clot there makes it ache at times. She is still doing the daily Lovonex shot for her blood clots so I'm hoping that they are still slowly dissolving. She has a CT scan next week.

Yesterday was a nice day so we went out to Culver's for lunch and I stuffed my face with a Butter Burger basket and she had a plain chicken sandwich and ate the whole thing. If Geneseo did anything right it was definitely building a Culvers.

This morning she was a little groggy but as the day wore on she felt better.

I took the video with my new little "flip" camera that my IT department is letting me try out for a little while. Mom came out of the bathroom with that fuzzy pink thing on top of her head and I about fell over. There were a whole bunch of those hats in the back that someone had made for the patients, and some of them were pretty neat. I would wear one as a hat.

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