Monday, August 10, 2009

This week

This week should be a good one for some down time. Mom has an appointment with Dr. Porubcin on Friday to go over her labs that she will get done earlier that morning. I don't know if he will talk about surgery or not. I'm thinking not... because he won't know anything other than what the blood work tells him. She has a CT scan scheduled for next Monday at Hammond Henry, and that should tell us where the cancer is still attached to and whether or not the blood clots are dissolving like I hope they are doing.

The more exciting part of the week will be when Aunt Ruth comes to town on Friday.

I found another web site that has good awareness information about ovarian cancer symptoms. One point that is made on that site is about becoming aware of the influence our politicians have upon major health care decisions and to pay attention to anything that has to do with cancer research and education that may or may not get passed in congress. How does this affect us directly? I don't know. I have heathcare, but not cancer. How would my healthcare change if that were the case? Mom's healthcare coverage has done it's job, however without it, I can't even imagine how the expenses would add up. One of her nausea medications is $100 a pill.

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  1. I agree- also pay attention to how your representatives vote on those items. Our representative here in KY voted against additional monies for nursing education and childhood insurance. Seems counter-intuitive in a time when healthcare is so important.