Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day after surgery

Mom got through the night OK, woke up a few times b/c of miscellaneous noises and such (HMR!!!). The Dr. and Resident were in bright and early to see how she fared through the night. He said that she could expect biopsy results in about 7 days and will let her know the outcome of the tissue samples that were taken yesterday during surgery.

The nurse said her vitals were good and heard very little sounds from her abdomen. Mom is going to have a busy day today, getting up and walking around, doing breath exercises with a contraption which prevents pneumonia from setting in, eating (clear stuff only) and then at some point taking a shower. Her mid-section hurts more than she expected. I think she will be keeping her morphine drip for most of today and then once she is up walking around then she can get off of the drip and have pain medication orally.

I could tell she was ready to get on with her day - she wanted her funky flower hat and glasses. Her hair is starting to grow back - it's fuzzy but I can tell it's growing in.

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