Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rough night

Mom didn't get much sleep last night. Her back is achy (arthritis) plus her abdomen is still tender, so she just never got comfortable enough to get a good sleep going. H.M.R. keeps her tv loud plus the other miscellaneous noises I'm sure kept mom up last night... I wished I would have bunked in the room again just to keep the noise level down to a minimum. I heard the doctor say that the roommate should go home today so that's a good thing :)

Yesterday she got up and walked around and sat on the edge of the bed for a short while. It was painful but she knew she had to get it done. After she got back to bed and laid down she felt much better. Today she needs to get up and walk around four times, so as soon as she gets done with her breakfast we're going to go and walk.

She was able to eat broth and a cup of hot tea plus some life savers yesterday. Amazingly the nurse got her on a scale when she was up and it said 105 pounds...!...I about fell over. I thought that since she had some organs removed that her weight would go down slightly but at least yesterday she was still over the 100 mark.

Dr. Degeest came by late yesterday to check on her and see how she was feeling. He said that he was looking forward to the biopsy results next week. During the surgery he detected some areas on her liver, inner abdomen wall and stomach that had scarring - which is an indicator that cancer had been there at one point. He keeps saying how amazed he is at her chemo results and that it could have been much worse if her cancer wasn't detected as early as it was.

A couple of good friends Connie and Lyn came by yesterday and Pastor Ritter came back for a visit. That did her spirits a world of good. The Methodist women made her a quilt and then a knitted wrap that is really neat and fits perfect around her shoulders. I brought up some flowers and balloons yesterday to make the room more cheery. Mrs. C. said she is coming up today (forever family friend from the Hazelwood days) so I know she will enjoy the visit.

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