Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Chemo Treatment!

Mom's appointment with Dr. Porubcin went well yesterday. Her CA125 level is back down at 7.6 (from 35 a couple of weeks ago) and her weight is a hefty 100lbs. She's been able to keep it above the 100 mark for the last few weeks and that is a good benchmark for her to maintain. The nurses had a hard time with her port AGAIN yesterday but it flushed out ok this morning. Always something.

Mom will go back in on Dec. 22nd for blood work and to check her levels. Even though this is her last treatment, I'm worried about that CA125 indicator and it staying down where it should. As long as it stays low, that means that the cancer isn't growing and won't return.

Dr. Porubcin always asks about her cough :) and I always roll my eyes and tell him that she's been coughing for about the last 40 years of my life. She didn't cough a lot the other day though and on Thanksgiving she didn't cough much, but the weather has been a little warmer than usual. Once the below freezing weather kicks in her cough will get worse. Guaranteed.

We had a great time Thanksgiving and over the weekend. Thanksgiving wore mom out a little and she was extremely tired at the end of the day. We went to the big craft fair on Sunday (always the weekend after Thanksgiving) and after about an hour of shopping she was ready to call it quits. The energy level just isn't there any more but I'm sure after she gets off of the chemo for a while her energy will be increasing over the months.

As luck would have it I am sitting next to a neurotic woman who is trying to talk UPS out of delivering a package that she was waiting for but she should eat something first so her blood sugar levels don't get too low (bag spills out on the floor, Holly picks up debris and stuffs back into bag) but before that please plug in her phone charger in before her battery runs out and by the way she brought a couple of movies "It's a Wonderful Life," and "Miracle on 34th Street" with her if we wanted to get in the holiday mood because she really needs some cheering up after her conversation with UPS...

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