Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jazzercise here she comes

The Iowa City visit went very well today, the doctor gave mom the clear to go back to Jazzercise. Her CA 125 level came in at an 8, which is an increase over the last CA 125 test she had a couple of weeks ago, however Dr. didn't seem too concerned. There will be fluctuations from time to time, a few points here and there, and is not an issue. If her CA125 level reaches 20 (the very highest mark is 35) then they will start to find out what is going on and discuss options. She'll be keeping her port in for awhile. No one is ready to take it out. She's ok with that as it doesn't bother her much.

She will go back to Iowa City in three months for another review. So, between now and April she'll be bouncing between Dr. Porubcin, getting her port flushed every four weeks, and then visiting Iowa City. The doctors are all keeping very good check on her, and that makes me feel better as they will be on top of it if she starts exhibiting other symptoms (bloating, etc.). For the time being, she's good to go and looking forward to Jazzercising her heart out.

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