Sunday, January 24, 2010


Mom got the results from her bone density test back last week, and it showed signs of osteoporosis. This was a bit of a letdown, as she really doesn't want anything else to think about or have to take another prescription for. But, it is a fact... and therefore once a month she will be taking Boniva to build her bones back up.

The osteoporosis could have been there for quite awhile, as this was her first bone density test believe it or not. The chemo didn't help either, and make her weak all around.

She went to Trinity last week to get her port flushed and they were talking about doing the Boniva through an IV so that it would get her going sooner. After awhile she would take the pill form. BUT, it all depends on what the insurance company says! If they will pay for the IV prescription of Boniva, she'll do that, if they won't pay for it, she will take the pill. I'm dumbfounded on how much say an insurance company has over medications.

And recently, (couple of months ago), the insurance company told Mom where she had to go to purchase her prescriptions. She had always had her prescriptions filled at Northside, a family-owned pharmacy in Geneseo. Mom has known the Shannon's (owners) for decades and Tim has always been so helpful and went above and beyond for all his customers. Now she has to go fill her prescriptions at Walgreens (yes there is one in Geneseo now) because the insurance company says she has to, or they wouldn't pay for the prescriptions.

I know, I know... let's not get started on how this broken health-care system doesn't put health-care first...

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